Terms and Conditions

Consumer Transactions

If you are purchasing as a consumer, nothing in these terms and conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty and misdescribed goods provided. If you have any doubts about your statutory rights please contact your local Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

  1. This order and any allowance in respect of a used motor vehicle offered in part exchange by you is subject to acceptance by us.
  2. Any motor vehicle is sold as roadworthy, or subject to any defects notified by us to you and accepted by you, at the date of delivery and if any fault occurs you have the right to rely on your statutory rights. If you have any doubts about your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 or otherwise, please contact your local Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice.
  3. Any vehicle leased will be subject to the terms set out by the finance provider.
  4. Any vehicle purchased for business use will be subject to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended.
  5. In the case where goods supplied by us are used, we will take all reasonable steps to check and disclose vehicle provenance but cannot be held liable for history that we cannot reasonably access.
  6. Any accessories fitted or supplied by us (dealer fitted) will be entitled to the benefit of any warranty given by the manufacturer of those accessories.
  7. a. We will try to ensure delivery of the goods (“goods” in these Terms and Conditions is defined as our sales to you) by the estimated delivery date (if any) but cannot guarantee the delivery date. Except where delay is caused by circumstances beyond our control, you will be entitled to cancel the contract and receive payment of your deposit if delivery has not taken place within 28 days of the estimated delivery date unless you have agreed otherwise, orally or in writing to accept late delivery. Where delay is caused by circumstances beyond our control, we will contact you and agree an alternative date for delivery or you may cancel the contract, in which case any deposit paid by you shall be returned in full. In either case, we will not be liable for any damages relating to the delay.   b. If the manufacturer of the goods described in the contract stops making goods of that type, we may (whether the estimated delivery date has arrived or not) give you written notice to cancel the contract. Any deposit you have paid to us will be returned to you.
  8. If you purchased as a consumer and entered into a contract to purchase goods remotely, you will have the benefit of a 14-day cancellation and return period which is subject to the terms set out below. This return period does not apply if the goods are purchased on finance and you will need to check your rights with the finance provider. To exercise your 14 day right to return to us, you must inform us in writing by email to the following address; enquiries@leasemyvehicle.co.uk  The processing fee is non refundable.  The return period expires 14 days after you, or any third party on your behalf, take delivery of your goods and is subject to the following:
    1. We have the right to make a deduction of £1 for each mile driven in excess of 50 miles.
    2. We have the right to make further deductions for any damage or excess wear.
    3. If you cancel within 48 hours of the delivery date we reserve the right to charge you any late delviery abort fee's incurred.
    4. We reserve the right to only register a vehicle with the DVLA on expiry of the 14-day period.
    5. You are responsible for returning the vehicle both in terms of the cost and its safe delivery in the same condition as when sold to you.
    6. You must stop using the vehicle other than to return it to us which must be within 14 days of your notice to return.
    7. You remain liable for the tax, insurance and any fines, charges or penalties until the time we have accepted the vehicle back to our premises.
    8. We will only make a reimbursement after the vehicle has been inspected by us to determine its condition and usage and all documents have been returned to us, including the V5.
    9. Any deductions will be notified to you.
    10. The reimbursement will be made, where possible, using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction.  This may include the return of any part exchange vehicle or seeking a payment from you to cover any negative equity.
  9. If you fail to take and pay for the goods within 21 days of notification that the goods are available for delivery, we may treat the contract as cancelled and keep any deposit paid by you.
  10. The goods shall remain our property until the price has been paid in full. We will require cleared funds before any vehicle is released to you. Any subsequent issue with any form of payment will mean title has not passed to you and we will require the return of the vehicle. The risk in the goods passes to you when you take delivery, and it is therefore your responsibility to put adequate insurance in place.
  11. If the goods to be supplied by us are new, the following provisions shall have effect:
    1. We undertake to ensure that the pre-delivery work (factory fitted) specified by the manufacturer or importer is carried out and that we will use our best endeavours to obtain for you from the manufacturer or importer the benefit of any warranty or guarantee given by them to us. These warranties or guarantees are in addition to and not in replacement of any warranties or guarantees given to you by us.
    2. No allowance can be made for any part of the standard equipment supplied with the motor vehicle which you do not wish to take.
    3. If, after the date of this order and before delivery of the goods to you, the manufacturer’s or importer’s recommended price for any of the goods is changed, we shall give notice of any change to you. If the manufacturer’s or importer’s recommended price for the goods is either increased or reduced, you will be notified of the amount of the increase or deduction that we intend to pass on to you. You have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days of receipt of this notification. If you do not cancel the contract, the change in price shall become the contract price.
    4. If you cancel the contract because of a price change notified by us to you, any deposit which you have paid to us will be returned to you.
  12. When we accept a used motor vehicle as part payment you agree that:
    1. (i) You are the legal owner and (ii) No outstanding finance is owed against the vehicle. If there is outstanding finance, the amount of money we give you will be reduced accordingly. If outstanding finance only becomes apparent later, you will be liable for that sum and must either make payment for the outstanding amount to us and/or pay off that finance forthwith.
    2. Our acceptance of your offer in relation to the part payment is only valid if your used motor vehicle is delivered in the same condition as when we examined it and/or is as described by you.
    3. You must deliver your used motor vehicle to us on or before the day you collect your goods from us at which point, we become the legal owners.
    4. We will write to you and tell you that your goods are ready for collection. You must deliver your used motor vehicle to us within 14 days.
    5. The rights of cancellation set out in this clause are in addition to your rights of cancellation as contained in clause 7a). If delivery of your goods is delayed through no fault of ours, the value of your part exchange is subject to change. You will be at liberty to cancel the contract and receive a refund of your deposit in these circumstances. Any finance proposal may need to be renegotiated
    If conditions 12 a) to d) are not met, we will not accept your used motor vehicle and you will pay the full price for your goods.
  13. Should either you or we not strictly enforce any obligation under this agreement at any time, this will not prevent that obligation being enforceable at a later date.